The Guar Gum powder manufactured by us, have the Viscosity Range - 3000–7000 cps with a mesh size ranking from 400 mesh to 300 mesh.

Product - Ramcol (Guar Gum Powder)

RAMCOL is powder of the endosperm of the seed of a leguminous plant “tetragonaloba” which is cultivated in the north - west of India and Pakistan.
RAMCOL is a natural polysaccharide and is produced under hygienic conditions with advanced technology and facilities. It is pure and fit for the use in food industries.
RAMCOL is available in different range of viscosity, particle size and hydration rates. It can be blended by the end users with other ingredients such as sugar, starch, to obtain lump - free clear solution. Shree Ram Gum & Chemicals manufactures RAMCOL at their facilities in the modern and well equipped plants. Quality control laboratory of Shree Ram regularly monitors RAMCOL and strives to improve it constantly. Our team of highly qualified, experienced, professionals with experience of over two decades helps the Shree Ram group to continue to improve its production facilities and its products.