Physical properties:

Guar Gum is a white to yellowish white powder. It is nearly odorless. Guar Gum Products is available in different viscosities and different granulometries depending on the desired viscosities and application.
Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide composition and mannan units combined through glycosidic linkages, which may be described as galactomannan.
RAMCOL has excellent cold & hot water solubility. Guar’s viscosity is a function time, and concentration.

Chemical structure of RAMCOL:

As per Iupac System of nomenclature, RAMCOL is a galactomannan polysaccharide.

The molecular structure reveals that RAMCOL is a straight chain galactomannan with galactose on every other mannose unit. Beta 1Ý4 Glycosidic linkages couple the mannose units and the galactose side chains are linked through alpha 1Ý6. The mannose to galactose ratio has been estimated at 1.8 : 1 to 2 : 1. The molecular weight of Guar has been reported as 1-2 x 106. Further studies indicate that RAMCOL is a rigid rod like polymer because of the beta linkage between the monomer units. The Guar hydroxyls are in the CIS positions. The CIS position is important since adjacent hydroxyl groups reinforce each other in hydrogen bonding reactions.