Product - Ramcil
(High Quality Refined Psyllium Husk)
RAMCIL is obtained from Psyllium seeds (Plantago Ovata), popularly known as Isabgola, which is a seasonal agricultural crop cultivated in Western India. Shree Ram exports Psyllium in Husk and Powder form which is further processed and used in medical preparation by leading international pharmaceutical companies.
RAMCIL is produced by separating the thin, white husk from the seed and further sieving to get different, high quality grades. The husk contains about 30% Mucilage, mainly and Galacturonic Acid. Ramcil is a natural product and does not contain any preservatives. Hence, it is subject to seasonal color and flavor variations.
High affinity to water
Totally free from toxicity
Easily produces gel by absorbing water and lubricates bowel
Swelling index is about 20 times in volume
Chemically inert, acts mechanically in elementary canal and is not digested and absorbed by body in any case
Non-habit forming.